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Born of an Asian Heritage and Belief, Raj Construction is established in wealthy recourses of India in the Year 2010. Raj Construction's Foundation is based on industry leading, Hi-tech construction techniques and process. We are Upcoming brand in Construction Industry where there is a need of Honest, reliable and Positive approach towards Project for Clients. Considering this as a Diamond way to deliver success for our clients we follow best management standards, value engineering and design services. With this necessity to deliver cost effective construction solutions and improvise it daily, we are associating with all best teams and Clients around globe in Construction Industry.

Building on trust

Raj Construction's expertise includes in construction of industrial buildings, large scale developments, low and high-rise buildings, residential and commercial developments. We are also preparing ourselves to develop in Roads as the next future Target. With dedication to being a socially responsible company, all of Raj Construction's processes and ethos are focused on operating in a conscientious manner. Raj Construction is committed to our fundamental values and takes extensive steps to ensure that the entire team adheres to a strict code of business ethics.


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To be a Market Leader in Contracting Construction Industry, by pioneering and promoting the use of technology.

To provide good quality and affordable mass Contracting projects throughout the country & continuously innovate and develop world class technology.

To be a part of environment friendly, health and safety oriented Organisation by complying with applicable statutory requirements.

Our Vision

To be recognised across the region as the most progressive contracting company. To be an international market leader in the construction and contracting industry through implementing intelligent system and challenging the limits of construction speed and efficiency while maintaining the highest levels of quality and safety.

We believe in thoughts. "There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, we have to be people who make things happen." - Jim Lovell

Our Values

Confidence, Dreams, Self-development and Focus.

We are People Who are

Confident - We believe in ourselves and our abilities, nothing is ever impossible to us. We have tremendous self-esteem.

Never stop dreaming - No matter how much we accomplish, we never allow ourselves to get too comfortable and content. We forever seek out ways to get to the next level and dream up new dreams.

Value self-development and improvement - We always evaluate Ourselves and seek out ways to better Ourselves and become the kind of person we need to be to sustain goals.

Have laser-like focus - We don’t allow ourselves to get distracted by things that would likely jeopardize the fulfilment of Our goals and dreams. We always keep eyes on the prize.

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